PXI is the industry standard for automated test. It is an open, PC-based platform that offers high-performance modular instrumentation ranging from 7½-digit DC to 26 GHz RF, integrated timing and synchronization, and high throughput ideal for validation and production test.

Controllers PXI

Контроллеры PXI Controller options include high-performance embedded controllers with either a Microsoft Windows OS or a real-time OS (NI LabVIEW Real-Time) as well as remote controllers from a desktop, workstation, server, or laptop computer.


PXI Modules


Модули PXI More than 500 different modules PXI. Among them are digital multimeters, motion control modules, power supplies, devices for measuring physical variables, interface modules, switches and relays, as well as the digital I/O and analog signals.


PXI Chassis


Шасси PXI The backbone of PXI system. The chassis provides the power, cooling, and communication buses of PCI and PCI Express for controller and modules. PXI chassis are available in a variety of configurations such as low noise, high temperature, and low- to high-slot count. They also offer a range of I/O module slot types, integrated peripherals such as LCD displays, and more.